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The Quran

Official Statement on the
Murder of Imam Hassan Sharif

Welcome to
Masjid Muhammad-Newark

a member of the Imam Warith Deen Mohammed community


Join us for Jumu'ah Prayer on Friday, July 12, 2024 at 1:15pm. Khatib: Imam Ya-Sin Shabazz.

About Our 

Masjid Muhammad-Newark is a nonprofit mosque in the association of Imam W.D. Mohammed, operated for charitable and educational purposes incorporated pursuant to the laws of the state of New Jersey and consistent with maintaining tax-exempt status in accordance with section 501(c)(3).

MMN Announcements

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MMN Programs

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Jumuah Prayer

Every Friday at 1:15pm in-person and online at Facebook Masjid Muhammad-Newark).

Islamic Studies Class

Learn about Islam through the Qur'an and life example of the Prophet Muhammad using the tafseer of Imam W.D. Mohammed (raa)

Sundays @12pm

Tai Chi

Learn about the Chinese martial art practiced for self-defense and health.

The mission of Clara Weekend Mohammed School @Masjid Muhammad-Newark is to provide Islamic values-based education and encourage individual and community leadership. 

Sundays @11am

Register here

K-12 Clara Mohammed School 

Coming Soon!

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Packing Food
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Clara Mohammad Weekend School

Social Services and Health Wellness

Our team consist of professional, G-d-fearing men and women seeking to uplift the general community through education and "through the avocation to "Do for self."  Strong men and women equals strong families. 

Food Distribution 

MMN distributes hot meals to the local community every other Sunday at 12pm.  The meals are provided by the Care and Share Foundation of New Jersey.  

Old Masjid Demolition Project

257 South Orange Avenue in Newark was originally built for Victorian Theatre, a vaudeville theater. It was later known as Congress Theater.  In 1958, Temple No. 25 was the first Nation of Islam mosque to open in Newark, New Jersey.  Located on South Orange Avenue, its membership had a reputation of being more active and loyal than NOI members in other larger municipalities. It is now known as Masjid Muhammad-Newark.

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Thank you for your continuous support. 

May Allah reward you all for your continuous support and contributions. 

Jazak Allah Khair

(May Allah Reward You With Good)

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